Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop Save Christmas

From the bestselling creators of Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop comes this gorgeously sparkly and fun festive picture book! When Unicorn receives a letter from Santa, she’s super excited. But – oh no! – Santa’s too poorly to deliver presents. Christmas is ruined! Or is it? Because our favourite unicorn has a super rainbow-poop-shaped surprise that might just save Christmas for everyone. Includes: The North Pole. lots of elves, presents, a super sleigh ride, and RAINBOW POOP! Brilliantly funny unicorn story about Christmas, friendship, and making a difference! Beautiful illustrations by bestselling illustrator Katy Halford With shiny silver on the cover, this is the perfect Christmas gift for children who love unicorns, sparkles, and, of course, Christmas! Also available: Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop and Unicorn and the Rainbow Snow

Зохиолч: Emma Adams | Зураач: Katy Halford

Хэвлэлийн газар: Scholastic


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Хуудасны тоо: 32

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